New Honda Forza 300cc (keyless)

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  • 10000 baht / 300$
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Japanese engineers designed a new tubular steel frame that helped reduce the curb weight to 182 kg. As a result of redesigning the chassis, the wheelbase became shorter by 35.6 mm (1508 mm). In addition, the Honda Forza 300 cc 2018 scooter is a bit narrower compared to last year's model, which improves its maneuverability in traffic. The height of the saddle made higher - 780 mm.
Other changes:
- 15/14 wheels (14/13 were put on last year's model)
- 33 mm telescopic fork (was 35 mm)
- rear shock absorbers with 7 positions preload adjustment All other components were ignored. The brake system is represented by 256/240 mm discs and an anti-lock system. The 279cc engine produces 24.8 hp. power at 7000 rpm and torque of 27.25 Nm at 5 750 rpm.
Honda Forza 300 cc is the first Honda scooter with traction control. The Honda Selectable Torque Control switchable system constantly monitors the rotation of the front and rear wheels, determining the degree of slip and reducing torque