Honda Forza 350cc (keyless)

Contact us to know a monthly rate
*Includes 2 helmets
*Deposit for motorbike
  • 10000 baht / 300$
  • Photo of passport

An electronically operated windscreen that can be easily adjusted through a 180mm range while riding. The height can easily be adjusted at the push of a button. Honda SMART Key / Honda SMART Controller. An intelligent remote control that serves three functions. Locate your Honda Forza, set the alarm, and disable, enable the remote signal for enhanced security. Full LED headlights, tail-lights and indicators for superior visibility with daytime running light. The LCD instrument panel combines a stylish analogue speedometer feature and allows the rider to see all information clearly at a glance, night or day. The Honda Forza has an excellent, secure storage capacity capable of holding two full-face helmets. The Forza has an automatic V-Matic transmission. The ratios are set for fast low-speed control and quick acceleration. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) progressively monitors engine torque to control rear-wheel slip, laying down just the right amount of power for a quick exit.