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CCSA English briefing on Thursday, 5 August 2021 (Unofficial translation)

CCSA English briefing on Thursday,

5 August 2021 (Unofficial translation)

1. Yesterday, Thailand administered 383,607 doses of vaccines, increasing the accumulated number of vaccinations to almost 19 million doses.

2. The number of new confirmed cases in Thailand today is 20,920 cases, with 213,910 active cases and 17,926 new recoveries. 160 new fatalities were registered today, with an accumulated total of fatalities at 5,663. About 90% are elderly people aged 60+ and those with underlying health conditions. Therefore, individuals in these high-risk groups will continue to be prioritized for vaccination.

3. During this global pandemic, Thailand continues to promote international cooperation to enable equitable access to vaccines worldwide. Yesterday, the country received 415,040 doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines from the UK government. Thailand appreciates this contribution from the UK government. These vaccines will be distributed to those most in need to help save lives of Thais and foreign residents alike, and reduce risk of hospitalization.

4. Vaccination for Foreign Residents

4.1 The accumulated number of vaccines administered to foreign nationals in Thailand as of 30 July 2021 stands at 280,075 doses. This figure includes diplomatic corps, representatives of international organizations, foreign media, expats, foreign national aged 60+, and migrant workers—covering 174 nationalities. The average age of vaccinated foreigners is 38 years of age, as migrant workers and migrant health care volunteers belonging in clusters of infections are included in this number as well, due to their high risk of exposure to the virus. Additionally, 74,587 persons have received both doses of vaccines.

4.2 On 1 August, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the “” online platform for foreign residents of all age groups nationwide to register for their first doses of vaccine. As of 3 August, over 35,500 people have registered via this platform.

4.3 Once registered, the system will send a confirmation email to inform the registrant of the time and place of vaccination. Appointments for vaccinations will be prioritized to those in vulnerable groups, based on the same criteria used for Thai nationals, namely elders, pregnant women, and those with underlying chronic diseases.

4.4 The data of foreign residents aged 60-74, who previously registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ platform before this current one was launched will be automatically transferred to this new website. Registrants will be notified of the dates and vaccination sites soon via email.

4.5 Those experiencing technical issues with the online registration platform, can provide feedback or report problems to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Ministry’s social media accounts. Two-way communication from the public to the CCSA is useful and appreciated.

4.6 Foreign residents are encouraged to check for updates about alternative options for vaccinations on the website. While this website no longer accepts registration for vaccination, the latest updates on vaccination sites and options for foreign nationals will continue to be posted there.

5. The CCSA has readjusted resources to work closely with both civil societies and private sectors to help treat patients under home isolation and community isolation schemes all over the country. New hospitels and community isolation units have been set up by private hospitals fully equipped with intensive care units. Communities will run these units with the help of private hospitals. This will definitely help lessen the burden of the health care system, and increase the capacity of hospitals and medical personnel to take care of patients with other ailments.

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Source: CCSA, Ministry of Public Health, Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs