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The rules of renting

  • Working hours from 10.00 to 19.00 hours. Delivery and pick up of bikes is permissible during this period of time (depending on region). Deposit for renting a scooter or car from 100 usd You can leave in any equivalent currency (on the day of departure You do not have to change Thai baht back at a favorable rate).
  • We make a copy of the original passport for registration of the contract.
  • When renting a bike, you pay the amount for the entire rental period, in case of early delivery of the bike, this amount is not refundable (calculate the time of arrival and departure, as well as excursions).
  • When renting a photo and video is taken (you can also do it), in what condition the equipment was handed over - according to these data, the equipment is taken at the end of the lease term, thus, no damage to others Will not be attributed to you. We return the Deposit in full, immediately after the return of the rented vehicle.
  • When renting a photo and video is taken (you can also do it), in what condition the equipment was handed over - according to these data, the equipment is taken at the end of the lease term, thus, no damage to others Will not be attributed to you. We return the Deposit in full, immediately after the return of the rented vehicle.
  • If the bike is damaged during the rental period, immediately inform us about the damage. We estimate the cost of the parts and the work of the master. You can also make an assessment at the nearest service STATION or Honda centre and repair the specified damage there (and not only those that you consider it necessary to do). You pay only for the damaged parts and the work of the master. Someone damaged the equipment, not You? Take money from someone, because the contract we signed with You, not with someone! Do not let the neighbors in the hotel, wives, girlfriends, friends try to ride a bike! As a result, you will pay. According to our statistics, 10 out of 10 who try for the first time-breaks the technique and not the fact that your neighbors will want to pay for damage to property!
  • If you punched a wheel, you have to call on the tire and change it at your own expense. In case of internal breakage of the bike, you need to immediately report it.
  • Taking insurance called "damage" You can not worry about the damage to the bike, but just enjoy the rest, the restoration of damage to Our bike (scratches, external damage) we take care of! The cost of such insurance for the entire rental period, only 1300 baht, equipment from 300 to 2000 baht. Theft, total damage to equipment and damage to other people's equipment is not included in this price! Remember that in Parking lots very often scratch bikes! On average, the official dealer replacement of one scratched parts costs from 900 baht.
  • Outside the island the equipment is not serviced!
  • Helmets! Complete with two regular bike, not a new helmet. If You are squeamish or have any other reasons you can rent a brand new helmet, the cost of 250 baht for the entire rental period! Just rent helmets with visor-one on request, we will provide free of charge, the Price for the second 100 baht for the entire rental period! Do not forget about the safety of children-children's helmets are provided for free!
  • Camera Go pro-rental price for the whole period of 500 baht, after the end of the lease, You can buy a flash drive with records for 300 baht.
  • Parking is not allowed everywhere: if you see a red and white border, or yellow and black-Parking bike is strictly prohibited. You can not leave even for a minute! It is also forbidden to Park on the sidewalks, you can not go to the beach. In such places, the police are constantly on duty. Put a chain on the rear wheel, then you have to look for the beach police to pay the fine and pick up the bike.
  • If there is no category a license, a fine of 500 baht is paid on the spot. You write out a receipt with which you continue to move, showing it to the police. They sometimes do not look at the date and miss, but it is necessary to know that this receipt is valid only one day. You should always wear helmets. The penalty for driving without a helmet - 500 baht per person. Plus, moving around in a helmet reduces the likelihood that you will stop to check, well, save your head when you fall from the bike: -) this is 100%.
  • The steering wheel of the bike does not block, and do not close the keyhole, if it jams you open at your own expense at any service station. Bikes in Phuket do not steal, but purses should not be left in the glove compartment when you go to the beach.
  • Please note that the prepayment required for pre-booking is non-refundable.
  • Many tourists come to Phuket for the first time and immediately buy excursions, but, of course, want to ride around the island on a bike. You can rent a scooter in our office for 1 day, then hand it over, go on a tour, and, returning, renew the lease and ride again. But delivery bikes to the hotel for 1 day, we do not carry out, only when renting from 5 days! (shipping price depends on the holiday region).
  • Note to rent a car: from the salt sea water on the car seats are formed white stains, to wash them will require dry cleaning of the cabin. Money on it will be deducted from your Deposit. Avoiding this is simple! Change after the beach or lay dry towels on the seats.
  • As soon as we get the bikes back after renting, they go through a full inspection, repair if necessary, and our workers wash them thoroughly. Only after all these procedures bike again expose, and you can rent it.

1. Clean
2. No new damage
3. With fuel level not lower than that which was at reception
4. And at the same time, as received, unless otherwise agreed.
I want to focus on the first point!
Ideally, it is necessary to hand over the car after a car wash or at least not dirty!
This condition is especially true for those who take the car for a period of 10 days or more.
Don't worry, sinks in Phuket are very cheap. For example, to wash the car will cost only 200-300 baht-complex!
The car can not be washed, if you do not have time to pollute it so much that ALL the details of the BODY are PERFECTLY VISIBLE to the fact of damage, including the lower part of the bumpers, thresholds and wings.
If objectively assess the condition of the car body is difficult or not possible due to its heavy pollution (at the discretion of the host), the Deposit is not returned to the client, before re-inspection, after washing the car!
The interior of the car must also be in adequate condition! In addition to the integrity of all its elements, I put special emphasis on the state of the upholstery and ceiling. Everything must be dry, without any stains, stains and smoke smell, otherwise the tenant pays for dry cleaning!
I will explain at once, and that some can object supposedly "...We same money pay, still and wash need to...»
This is not an impudent principle, but a forced measure, which appeared thanks to unscrupulous tenants who specifically handed over cars dirty, hiding the damage to the body under a layer of dirt, claiming that there were no accidents. It was after these disappointments, the vehicles upon delivery must be at least as dirty, to just simply SEE the state of the body!
With regards to the second point about the damage, then:
The maximum liability of the Tenant in case of an accident in which he is wrong is:
* on passenger cars economy and standard class - 10 000 baht
* for SUV - 20 000 baht
In an accident in which the Tenant is right to pay nothing.
In case of any minor damage that the Tenant does himself, without the participation of second and third parties (for example, when Parking accidentally damaged the bumper), the Tenant is responsible for the Deposit, in proportion to the damage, but not more than the amount of maximum liability.
Assessment of the cost of damage and downtime is carried out by the car service.⠀
About the fuel level I think everything is clear.
And a reminder that the lease term is calculated in days, not days. For example, you took the car for 3 days, and you delivered it on Monday at 11: 00 am, so you will need to take the car on Thursday at 11: 00 am!
It follows that by default, the car will come to pick up at the same time at which it was brought To you, unless otherwise agreed in advance.


The phone number of the ambulance in Phuket

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Ambulance 1669

Tourist police is designed to help foreign tourists in different situations. Volunteers speaking different languages, including Russian, work in Phuket.
Tourist police 1155 or +6676 223-891

Police 191 or +6676 342769